Tree of Sapphires ~ the Enlightened Qabalah

"The Tree of Life was withheld from Adam and Eve,
          when by eating of Knowledge’s fruit; they fell into duality.
Chaldean winged spirits guard this Tree of Life,
          while Egyptian Thoth writes upon each leaf.
From this blazing, unconsumed Tree, Metatron instructs Moses in unity.
Beneath this Tree, Deborah and high-priestesses prophesy.
Odin hangs upon this World-Tree, to gain Runes of Wisdom.
Within its trunk Osiris sleeps, yet will he awaken to eternal life.
Jesus is still nailed to this Tree, with rose-thorns about his brow.
Canopied beneath this same Tree, Siddartha awakens as a Buddha.
And from this Wish-fulfilling Tree,
             alchemical Sages harvest the Golden Fruit of Immortality."

David Goddard,

In Tree of Sapphires