In a Distant Universe ...

In a Distant Universe ...

Sometimes you feel alone, confused, perhaps even frightened. But remember that you come from an ancient spiritual family of illustrious lineage - loved and respected by all. They throw blissful parties, know wonderful souls, and live in mansions of rainbow light. They are so adored and respected throughout the Cosmos that whatever they want they receive twelve times over. 

But you choose, however... when it came time to further your divine awareness, you choose to go far, far away. To go to the most remote school ever heard of - deep within the abyss of time and space - to a place called Earth.

Your choice to do this created quite a stir - until you started sending messages back home (while you were in dream or meditation). And now your illustrious spiritual family ‘toasts you’ at all of their banquets – because they are so proud of your courage and compassion. 

~ very loosely adapted from the Hymn of the Pearl 

from the weekly Letter toYour Spirit by DG