“Can a Lobster teach us Spiritual Truths?”

“Can a Lobster teach us Spiritual Truths?”

From David Goddard

Dear Rising Phoenix,

Lobsters are amazing creatures.

It is only recently that their incredible power of rejuvenation have been discovered. (Although the Sages knew about them, as I will share later.)

As a lobster matures it begins to outgrow its shell. The carapace becomes tight and uncomfortable. Eventually the lobster cannot bear it any longer. So it goes underneath a rock – where it will be safe from predators – and there, the lobster sheds its old shell and waits for its new one too harden.

Metaphorically this is a very good teaching. It tells us that we need to recognize that times of Stress or Adversity contain the potential for growth and self-discovery.

The ‘rock’ is an image for “going within.” To turn inside where our treasures are concealed. To ask our deeper and wiser Self: “Why is this happening FOR me?” And in this way we stimulate our subconscious, drawing upon our hidden strengths and resources.

Learning how to grow through adversity is one of the secret Life-skills that distinguish successful folk from others. It is the wise application of the Alchemical proverb: turn your Lead into Gold!

Lobsters also live to great ages. This is because of the way their cells replicate. There are lobsters in the ocean depths whose ages are incalculable. An attested case is ‘George the Lobster’ who weighed a massive 20 pounds. A lobster’s life is calculated as a pound in weight for every 7 to 10 years of life. It was calculated that George had been born in 1869. He has been caught and sold to a restaurant to serve as food. But an Animals Rights organization persuaded the restaurant to release George back into the marine depths.

I wrote that the Sages knew about the Lobster’s power of physical regeneration and longevity. This is revealed by their placement of a lobster into the design of 18th Tarot card, “The Moon.” This card represents a deep power of the mind that causes the physical body to grow, regenerate, and heal. It is by this hidden power that a Soul fashions a physical body for itself, and then incarnates and indwells it.

It is through the mastery of this interior power that seemingly miraculous healings become possible – and the ability of the Sages to prolong their lives at will.

How does one begin this?

The card before “The Moon” tells us, it is “The Star” which represents Meditation.

Many people think that Meditation is about quieting the mind and developing inner peace.

Well, it is – but it is also much more than that.
A quiet and peaceful mind is essential for accessing and directing the super-physical powers.

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May All Our Efforts Manifest in Beauty,

David Goddard
Co-Founder – Rising Phoenix Foundation
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