The Heart-of-Hearts

The Heart-of-Hearts

Many Wisdom-traditions speak of the 'Way of the Heart'. It is a deeply profound way to grow and evolve. It has different names in the various traditions: the Inner Light, the Blazing Lamp, Temple-of-the-Heart, the Central Stillness - to name just a few. 

But sadly, some  misinterpret the Way of the Heart as if it means to just follow your impulses and whims, do anything 'that feels right'. Impulses often masquerade as intuitions – they aren’t authentic promptings of the Spirit. So, here is a tried-and-tested method in the Way of the Heart.

Begin with slow breathing. Relax, and let go of any concerns for the time being - and now gently turn inwards. ‘See’ a lit path into that place within and beyond, the physical heart.

Once within your inner chamber, gently open yourself to the Divine Indwelling. Just simply wait - patient and silent, without any force. There is no visualisation of God - no He, no She - but a Presence that is beyond gender, or race, or religion – Transcendence. It is a warmth, a light, a core of endless Love - which asks for nothing in return, but to accept it. It is an incredible Benevolence - close and intimate.


And you will experience the embrace of this ineffable Loving – an embrace by this kindness that gradually fills everything - endless and forever. So jus let go and rest in that Presence.

 And after a while (no longer than 15 minutes), retrace your steps, turning your attention outwards. Bringing your focus back to your breathing ... then, open your eyes, and re-engage with the outer world.

 At first this practice starts out as imagination, with moments of transcendence - but after a little practice it will truly exist. This spiritual exercise is a great blessing: coming to know that, wherever you are, you only have to turn within, to partake of the immensity of that unconditional Love.

from the weekly Letter toYour Spirit by DG