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The Rising Phoenix Tattva Deck

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The Quickest & Easiest Method for Unlocking Spiritual Powers.
This Little-Known System For Getting In Touch With The Angelic Hosts And To Develop Psychism ...

Get a Complete Deck of all 32 Tattva Power-symbols that are capable of enhancing Your Psychic Abilities...
Unlock Your True Human Potential through The Power Embedded In The Tattva Symbols

Dear Seeker,
Can this mystical tool be the most valuable tool for your spiritual evolution?

      If you are interested in...

Mastering your natural Psychic abilities – this simple solution will delight you.
Stepping through Astral doors – and how to safely unlock these doorways.
Enhancing your communication with the Angelic Hosts – in one simple step

Then there is one spiritual tool – made up of 5 elements – that can help you get any or ALL of these goals.

How is all this possible?

The reason is pretty simple – This tool comes from, what is called the Planetary Tradition – The spiritual tradition that is the foundation for ALL spiritual advancement on our planet.

Where Does this Come From?


It all began right from our forefathers who were lived in caves – those who practically fought to survive every minute of their lives.

The ‘Lords of Mind’ – High beings, chose the most suitable candidates from naturally psychic human race. The candidates were selected to begin our human evolution. To raise humanity to a place of glory.

In Primordial Initiations the humans received ‘transmissions of awakening of a state of consciousness’. Their minds were shown and imprinted with elements that enshrine and represent universal teachings.

And through these initiations, mystical teachings were introduced into the collective unconscious of the human race.

This explains why you may have already seen these elements – you can find them in both Eastern and authentic Western traditions.    

But the thing is, very few people know how to use these elements.

For example, if you know how to use these elements, you’ll discover how to...

  • Hold this key’ to the astral lock and see it open
  • Control your psychic intuition – and direct it at will
  • Plus, this little-known tool lets you communicate with the Angelic Hosts

       Warning: Don’t do any chakra activation before you’ve uncovered these elements and their awesome power...

To be clear – this tool isn’t some ‘new-age’ fad. This tool is as ancient as it gets.

And the hidden powers locked into these simple elements are the very reason why it’s the most useful instrument for any serious student of the Occult.

The least known, but quickest and easiest methods to unlock spiritual powers...

And you may have heard of these elements, but maybe never truly understood their immense powers.

So, what is this vital tool?



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Back in 2019, David held a private retreat with people from all over the world, showing them how they could connect with the Nature spirits. And now, the core spiritual teachings and methods shared during this retreat are now available to you.

It’s called “RESTORING EDEN”This is true service for the greatest good

In this book, you will discover...

That Nature is alive on various psychic levels! All around you, everywhere, there are wonderful beings who would be happy to share their joys with you. You’ll discover how to make this deep connection with the step-by-step guidance of David’s 35 years’ experience.

How to make friends with Nature spirits. How to enrich your own experience of life - in amazing and wondrous ways.

The Ways to heal land (big or small). How to bring the vital force into areas that have been dispirited by pollution and waste. And how to make it green and fertile again. Ideal if you grow your own food…

In Restoring Eden, you will learn how to perform sacred ceremonies, use chants, to ‘walk the land with love’.  to heal the land and the planet. What you'll be learning is the old, deep techniques – older than the temples of Egypt and Greece.

You will learn old, tried and tested magical techniques to strengthen the planet, to empower the spirits of the land, and how to play your part in this. Because unless the energetic aspects of the planet are strengthened, the physical aspect will continue to sicken and decay. And so, it falls to people like you and me to do our part.

And much more.