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Sacred Magic of the Angels (Gold Edition)

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This book, by David Goddard, teaches you how to use the Sacred Magic of the Angels.

  • Meet the Angels of Light who have been entrusted to help you with all your legitimate needs. Get to know each one of these Angels...
  • Each Angel's Rulership - You'll discover what each Angel rules, and therefore what particular help you can expect from each Angel, and how to go about it...
  • Deeper Meaning of Angels...this Sacred Angelic System of Magic is rooted in an Ancient Spiritual System. Discover the bigger picture behind the Sacred Magic of the Angels.
  • Feedback of Sacred Magic - Hear from some of the people who applied Sacred Magic of the Angels to their problems, and their exquisite solutions...

  • And much more
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Amazon Review
"David Goddard has the rare - possibly unique - gift of being able to present high dynamics of esoteric wisdom and practice into everyday terms relevant to life as most people live it. His book about the neglected reality of Angels is particularly valuable in building a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds, with an accent on practical experience." GARETH KNIGHT - Esoteric Author of more than 20 books;

"There is no other writer today who illumines the Western Mysteries with such deep knowledge or style as David Goddard." Geraldine Beskin - owner of The Atlantis Bookstore London

This book teaches the wonders and secrets of true Angelic Magic. No matter what challenges you may face - health, love, wealth or security. This book gives you tried-and-tested methods for invoking the holy Angels to help you with the hardships of life. First published in 1996, 'Sacred Magic of the Angels' now has a worldwide reputation for being the foremost manual of White Magic that delivers results! Thousands of people have been helped, healed and now live brighter lives, because they used the step-by-step methods taught in this book.

This expanded and illustrated 2nd edition includes additional material, as a well as a FREE CD of guided meditations (read by the author), and accounts of people's experiences of the wonder-working power of the Angels. David Goddard is the author of 'Sacred Magic of the Angels', 'Tree of Sapphires' & 'Tower of Alchemy'.

He is a renowned teacher and mage, who has taught internationally for over 30 years.
David has students in many countries. He has dedicated his life to helping people reach their potential for a happier life, for a better world. To do this, he co-founded the Rising Phoenix Foundation.

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Back in 2019, David held a private retreat with people from all over the world, showing them how they could connect with the Nature spirits. And now, the core spiritual teachings and methods shared during this retreat are now available to you.

It’s called “RESTORING EDEN”This is true service for the greatest good

In this book, you will discover...

That Nature is alive on various psychic levels! All around you, everywhere, there are wonderful beings who would be happy to share their joys with you. You’ll discover how to make this deep connection with the step-by-step guidance of David’s 35 years’ experience.

How to make friends with Nature spirits. How to enrich your own experience of life - in amazing and wondrous ways.

The Ways to heal land (big or small). How to bring the vital force into areas that have been dispirited by pollution and waste. And how to make it green and fertile again. Ideal if you grow your own food…

In Restoring Eden, you will learn how to perform sacred ceremonies, use chants, to ‘walk the land with love’.  to heal the land and the planet. What you'll be learning is the old, deep techniques – older than the temples of Egypt and Greece.

You will learn old, tried and tested magical techniques to strengthen the planet, to empower the spirits of the land, and how to play your part in this. Because unless the energetic aspects of the planet are strengthened, the physical aspect will continue to sicken and decay. And so, it falls to people like you and me to do our part.

And much more.