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Hidden Knowledge in Tarot

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Most people know that in a Tarot deck, each card has a special meaning. But what very folk know, is that in the classical Tarot decks (Rider-Waite, etc) every single detail – in every single card - is full of occult secrets and wisdom!

In Hidden Knowledge in Tarot, David Goddard reveals the meanings of these profound symbols. Readers have been amazed at the depth of these mysteries - that are the hidden teaching passed down from teacher to pupils for generations. Eliphas Levi wrote that all that a person needed to understand the esoteric mysteries is a Tarot deck. And when you read Hidden Knowledge in Tarot you will see that Levi was stating the absolute truth! 
This book has been acclaimed by people all over the world. No one who really studies Tarot can afford to be without this book. Truly a revelation!

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Back in 2019, David held a private retreat with people from all over the world, showing them how they could connect with the Nature spirits. And now, the core spiritual teachings and methods shared during this retreat are now available to you.

It’s called “RESTORING EDEN”This is true service for the greatest good

In this book, you will discover...

That Nature is alive on various psychic levels! All around you, everywhere, there are wonderful beings who would be happy to share their joys with you. You’ll discover how to make this deep connection with the step-by-step guidance of David’s 35 years’ experience.

How to make friends with Nature spirits. How to enrich your own experience of life - in amazing and wondrous ways.

The Ways to heal land (big or small). How to bring the vital force into areas that have been dispirited by pollution and waste. And how to make it green and fertile again. Ideal if you grow your own food…

In Restoring Eden, you will learn how to perform sacred ceremonies, use chants, to ‘walk the land with love’.  to heal the land and the planet. What you'll be learning is the old, deep techniques – older than the temples of Egypt and Greece.

You will learn old, tried and tested magical techniques to strengthen the planet, to empower the spirits of the land, and how to play your part in this. Because unless the energetic aspects of the planet are strengthened, the physical aspect will continue to sicken and decay. And so, it falls to people like you and me to do our part.

And much more.