Sacred Topics:

  • Angelic Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Qabalah

Angelic Magic

Communicate With Sacred Angelic Beings… Using Safe and Trusted Methods

The Sacred Magic of the Angels is an ancient, tried-and-tested part of the Qabalah. It has helped thousands of people around the world.

The Angels are spiritual Powers who nourishing and sustaining physical life. The role of Angels is mentioned in many sacred texts, from various traditions. But this isn’t just something from the past. Even today people have received angelic help.

Each angel is a single aspect of the Infinite Ultimate Reality – Divine, God, Allah, The One, ‘That’, etc… There are specific angels who answer humanity’s prayers and petitions.

The book, Sacred Magic of the Angels includes the traditional angelic rulerships; whether it is healing, employment, creativity, or love. Certain angels have been appointed to help us overcome hardship and become fulfilled.

The Sacred Magic of the Angels teaches how to authentically call upon these appointed Angels. How to recognise that your requests have been heard. And the time frame during which the desired result could occur.

This book and the followup course, Sacred Angelic Magic also contains:

* Meditations and Ceremonies – to raise our consciousness to angelic frequencies
* Step-by-Step instructions for creating Talismans – to manifest the Angels’ blessings.

This celestial magic cannot be abused, or used to diminish others. It does open the doors to abundant blessings, and to the priceless knowledge that we are eternal.

As we receive the blessing of the angelic powers, so we come to know that the universe is not uncaring. But is ensouled by Compassion.

The result is people across the world have set up Angelic groups, thanks to David’s work. These ‘sanctums’ regularly work angelic ceremonies for peace and blessings upon the planet.

David also teaches one-day and weekend seminars on Angelic Magic. Once a year, he leads a retreat – where participants, experience the Angelic Hosts – called ‘A Graceful Gathering of Angels’.



Discover Spiritual Alchemy…

The Way of the Royal Art…

Alchemy is the Great Work of Transmutation also known as the ‘Royal Art’.

Nowadays, the ignorant divide it into ‘spiritual alchemy’ and ‘practical alchemy.’ But in fact, authentic Alchemy cannot be so divided into ‘spirit’ and matter’ because all esoteric traditions, including the Qabalah, teach that matter is ‘frozen spirit’.

All things are interdependent, because they emanate from the Primordial Unity.

Alchemy is a spiritual discipline that culminates in physical results – as a means of verifying interior attainments. As Paracelsus taught, without knowledge of the Qabalah, no one could understand or practice the Alchemical Art.

In the Qabalah, the first instance of alchemical attainment is when Enoch, after his illumination, was translated into the Upper Worlds (he ‘walked with God and was not’). As he passed, ever higher, the Divine Fire permeated him through and through. This incandescence resulted in his total transfiguration. Enoch became Metatron, the highest of the archangels – an immortal human with archangelic powers. As such, Enoch/Metatron can, and does, appear in any place or time to assist us.

Hermes-Trismegistos also attained this level; his title ‘thrice great’ refers to his ability to appear at will in the spiritual, astral or physical worlds.

Other cases mentioned in The Bible are: Elijah who ascended in a chariot of fire – ‘chariot’ meaning a ‘vehicle’, a ‘body’ – and Jesus of Nazareth, who after showing his alchemical ‘Body of Glory’ on Mount Tabor, rose from the dead, to prove the omnipotence of Spirit over all its manifestations.

In the Eastern traditions, Alchemy (also known there as ‘Yoga’ = ‘Union’) is progression to spiritual maturation, resulting in freedom from the ‘Wheel of Rebirth’, and the attainment of the deathless ‘Rainbow Body’.

‘The Tower of Alchemy’ is the first book to plainly explain the Alchemical process. But more importantly, it gives the meditative practices that enable one to make an authentic commencement in the Great Work.

David gives several introductory workshops and lectures during the year. He also conducts series of supervised classes. However, the deeper practice and intensive workshops of Alchemy always take place in a retreat setting. This is because participants can temporarily put their lives ‘on hold’, focus exclusively on the Work, learn and practice with others, and so make authentic progress.

For those new to this work, David leads Alchemical retreats in the UK and the USA. While for intermediate and advanced practitioners, David conducts the annual The Mystic Fire during May, in Great Britain. The Mystic Fire will focus on the creation fo the ‘Alchemical Elixir of the Limitless Light’.

The most guarded secret of Alchemy is the development of the Spiritual Body within the physical body. This confers good health, longevity, wisdom, power, spiritual and material wealth, and – most important of all – Enlightenment. The practitioner who attains this ‘Golden Body’, becomes on of the small, but ever-growing company of immortals Sages who ceaselessly engage in works of Compassion.



Mystical Qabalah and its Practical uses…

The Only Complete System in the West…

The Qabalah is pre-eminent in the mystical and occult traditions of the West…

But What is the Qabalah?
Qabalah is the foundation of the Western Esoteric tradition. Why? Because it is the only ‘complete’ esoteric system to have survived in the
West. Everything that survived from the Ancient Mysteries is fragmentary

• Alchemy uses Qabalistic code to guard its secrets of transformation;
• Ceremonial Magic is based upon the symbolism of the Qabalah;
• Qabalah is the basis of Rosicrucian tradition;

• The founders of Freemasonry used its symbolism in their higher degrees;
• Even the miracles and teachings of Jesus are rooted in the Qabalah.

In the past 150 years, all the most influential Western teachers have been practicing Qabalists: Eliphas Levi, Paul Foster Case, Dion Fortune, W. E. Butler, and Gareth Knight.

Is Qabalah Jewish?

Many people make this assumption, but it is not accurate at all. Qabalah no more ‘belongs’ to the Jews than Buddhism ‘belongs’ to the Tibetans, or Christianity to the Vatican. No one can own a spiritual teaching. And neither did the Jews invent the Qabalah.

Qabalah is really a compendium of the ancient Mysteries (Egypt, India, Greece, Babylon, etc.); and in it those teachings were kept safe until the present day. Of course, Jewish mystics culturally imprinted the Qabalah; it wouldn’t have worked for them if they had not. A similar thing happened when Buddhism was brought to Tibet from India. This has always been the way of true esoteric work: adaptation to the culture and times it exists in.

And, we respect the sages of Israel who preserved the Qabalah for us, despite unimaginable odds. Nevertheless, the holy Qabalah is a message from Divinity to all humankind…

So, what use is Qabalah for you?

1. It can show you ‘who’ and ‘what’ you really are.
2. What the Universe and Life is for.
3. And by applying this knowledge you can…

  • Expand your consciousness and experience higher realms of being.
  • Be whole, happy and fulfilled – experiencing true healing;
  • End being a victim — Become a co-creator…
  • And experience Eternity in the here-and-now of your daily life.

How can you experience the Qabalah for yourself?

  • Audio and video presentations
  • Letters to Your Spirit shares many theoretical and practical methods – free.
  • Guided visualizations – written and audio
  • Videos of ceremonial
  • Mentored courses
  • Study material
  • And live workshops, seminars, classes and retreats on Qabalah and its applications in your life…