The Rising Phoenix Foundation was established in 2005 by David Goddard (Spiritual Teacher and Author) and Benjamin Philips. Since then the Rising Phoenix Foundation has served people all around the world who are interested in the Paranormal, Occult and Ageless Wisdom. From topics on Kabbalah, Spiritual Alchemy, Sacred Magic, Ritual Magic, Angelic Magic, Tarot, Meditation and much more. Join our community today.
David Goddard


David Goddard is an esteemed lineage Holder of the Western Tradition.

He is a teacher of the mystical sciences for over three decades.

As an initiate and recognized teacher, David has committed his life to instructing and sharing the ancient technology of transformation – leading to knowledge, wisdom, happiness and joy.

In the West, Alchemy, Qabalah and Theurgy are the basis of this technology.
And David has shown thousands of seekers and students how to apply these practical and mystical technologies – the ways to overcome the challenges of life, and to connect to the true meaning of life.

David gently guides seekers and practitioners through their journeys into the NOW. The NOW is cosmic consciousness – wherein you discover your own limitlessness.

It’s this limitlessness state that David helps you achieve, so you can move beyond self-defeating limitations. Showing you how to live your life – filled with Love, Grace, Ease and Lightness.

As a trusted teacher to hundreds of students, David wants to share his wisdom with you.

He freely admits that he is just the experienced guide. It’s the Teachings and each student’s commitment that brings about the spectacular results.

Join David on this journey…